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GHGES Marine Solutions is a company composed of certified experts that have the following designations: Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), and who specialize in energy efficiency and GHG emissions reduction.

GHGES is essentially led by certified experts in the field of energy efficiency who work primarily in the maritime sector and Chief engineers. We have built up several years of experience in various maritime and industrial businesses where we made good use of our expertise and professionalism.

GHGES has developed a unique approach for implementing energy efficiency programs in the maritime sector. The company’s expertise stems from successfully carrying out, on behalf of a major Québec shipowner, over one hundred projects that culminated in a 3% to 8% reduction in GHG emissions and fuel consumption on each of its ships.

GHGES is familiar with the government programs and audit procedures used by agencies involved in monitoring and substantiating results, and is thus able to make precise calculations as to returns on investment and GHG emissions. These calculations take into account all the accounting metrics required by shipowners to make informed and cost-effective decisions while at the same time achieving better energy and environmental performances.

GHGES also offers a comprehensive sponsorship program that provides shipowners with a turnkey service that extends from the initial assessment process to the final stage characterized by reduced GHGs and lowered operating costs.

Association of Energy Engineers

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

Certified CMVP

Membre / Member AEE


Bur: 418.907.8826
Cell: 418.262.4743

Email: Gaetan.simard@ghges.com